Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur to head 7th Central Pay panel

Justice Mathur7th Pay Commission will be headed by former Supreme Court Judge Ashok Kumar Mathur. The other members of the panel are Petroleum Secretary Vivek Rae (full-time member), National Institute of Public Finance and Policy Director Rathin Roy (part-time member) and Officer on Special Duty in the Expenditure Department Meena Agarwal (Secretary). The Commission has been mandated to submit its report in two years time and its recommendations would be implemented from January 1, 2016.

 The setting up of the Seventh Pay Commission was approved in September 2013 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations were implemented with effect from January 1, 2006.

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  1. Posted by Pralaya Roy on March 18, 2014 at 6:41 pm


    Dear sir, I have the following few words for your kind consideration. When a young man joins in Indian Air Force then he has to study many things along with his physical and armed training. He has to study Hindi, English, General Science, Air Force rules and regulations and many many technical lessons and all these he has to learn through English medium. All instructions are given in English and to understand these is not bachcho ka khel. He has to pass exams step by step and then only he becomes a permanent staff. During doing service he has to pass different promotion exam to last in the service and this promotion exam is not so easy (bachcho ka khel nehi). In nutshell, when a man joins Air Force he enters in a english medium school where he has to study everything in english and has to pass all exams to be permanent staff. In other services, candidates need not study and pass hard exams to be permanent member. Such a trained man gets payment in the pay scale of 5200 rupees only. Whereas, in civil a trained man means a man who knows typing only and he need not study anything to be permanent staff of that organization. Such a man gets 5200 or more scale. Is it not a whimsicality ? I request pay commission to evaluate job of air force and fix starting pay scale little bit higher than present scale. I suggest to make scale at least 7200—25400 (as per present scale) for air force staff (from rank AC to MWO). Please refer comment of Air Chief Marshal Latif about “What should be payment of airmen of Indian Air Force”.
    “Duniya se samyabaad ubharti ja rahi hai”…..this slogan is liked by most of the people in India. It indicates that most of the defence personnel also like this slogan. It indicates that they do not want equality and if so then everyone should get their right as per their qualifications and quality. In all civil services, whose pay scale falls between 5200-20200 for them, no study and no passing of exams are required to make their job permanent. They get the job and start working. But for airmen of Indian Air Force, they have to study a lot and pass all exams and then they become permanent member (yeh bachcho ka khel nehi). You can go to training center and can see what are the things they have to study along with their physical and armed training. In other service, people get smile on joining the service and executes love and conjugal life but on joining air force a man becomes sorrow by seeing the study material and syllabus that he has to study and pass to become permanent member. Therefore, I request to change pay scale from 5200-20200 and upgrade scale at least 7200-25400 for airmen of Indian air force. It is harder to become an airman than becoming a teacher, a state govt. officer and many more like these. Therefore, I request to do job evaluation of airmen of Indian Air Force and fix scale accordingly. Thank you sir. Regards///


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