Imperialism in India

The English East India Company was formed in 1600. It obtained permission from the Mughal Emperor Jahangir to trade in India. The French East India Company was established in 1664 by Colbert, a minister of Louis XIV. There was a power struggle between these two companies which resulted in the Carnatic Wars in Deccan. After the battles of Plassey and Buxar, Bengal came under the rule of the English. The French East India Company was ousted from India by 1763. Taking advantage of the rivalry of the native rulers, the English acquired more and more territories in India. Lord Wellesley by his Subsidiary Alliance and Lord Dalhousie by his Doctrine of Lapse acquired many places in India. In 1857 the Indians revolted against the English East India Company’s rule. But this revolt was crushed and the East India Company’s rule ended. The British Crown took over the administration of the territories. This was effected by Queen Victoria’s Proclamation. India continued under the British rule till it’s Independence in 1947.


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