General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs for Competitive Exams

  • Aligarh Muslim University in UP was established by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan as Madrasatul Uloom Musalmanan-e-Hind, in 1875.
  • October 8 – Indian Air Force Day‎.
  • Traditional Knowledge Digital Library was set up in 2001.
  • United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea came into effect from November 16, 1994.
  • On December 7, 1941, the Japanese airforce bombed the American fleet stationed at Pearl Harbour.
  • A research led by scientists of the Yale University says that a planet, orbiting a star about 40 light years from Earth, is twice the size of our planet and is covered in diamond and graphite.
  • Nobel Prize in Economics, officially the Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden’s central bank) Prize in Economic was established in 1968 and was first awarded in 1969.
  • Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 21, 1833.
  • The National Law School of India University, Bangalore was officially founded on August 29, 1987.
  • Dengue fever, also known as breakbone fever, caused by the dengue virus. Primary life cycle of the dengue virus involves humans & mosquitoes.
  • A fruit is a matured or ripened ovary.
  • The branch of science that deals with the characteristic features of fruit is called Pomology.
  • The Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI), established during 1925, located in Karnataka.
  • Dr. Coleman – Founder of Coffee Research in India.
  • Vijayadashami also known as Dussehra, is one of the most important festivals celebrated in various forms, across India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
  • The immediate cause for the outbreak of the First World War was the murder of the Austrian crown prince Francis Ferdinand and his wife.
  • Hilary Mary Mantel (England) is the first woman to receive the Man Booker Prize award twice: (1) Wolf Hall (2009) (2) Bring Up The Bodies (2012).
  • India’s Nuclear Tests: 1) Pokhran-I (Smiling Buddha) on 18 May 1974. 2) Pokhran-II (Operation Shakti) on 11 May 1998.
  • FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) is a database of more than 61,000 economic time series from 47 sources maintained by the FRB of St. Louis.
  • Sydney Sixers beat Highveld Lions to win 2012 Champions League T20.
  • Indian F1 2012: Sebastian Vettel wins again, Alonso finishes second.
  • The Moortidevi Award (literary) – Presented by the Bharatiya Jnanpith organization for a work which emphasizes Indian philosophy and culture.
  • The history of the Indian fertilizer industry dates back to 1906, when the first fertilizer factory opened at Ranipet (Tamil Nadu).
  • The National Policy on Electronics was released on 3rd Oct 2011.
  • ‘Dhan Laxmi’ is a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Scheme for the girl child with insurance cover, launched by central govt on 3rd March 2008.
  • Virat Kohli will get the Polly Umrigar Award for being India’s top international cricketer for 2011-12.
  • 15 October – Global Handwashing Day.
  • Mohiniyattam is a classical dance form from Kerala. It is one of the eight Indian classical dance forms recognized by the Sangeet Natak Akademi.
  • Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player.
  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is an effort to universalize elementary education by community-ownership of the school.
  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather.
  • Indian Constitution (Articles)

          74 – Council of Ministers.

          356 – Emergency.

          368 – Amendment Procedure.

          370 – Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Direct Action Day – 16 Aug 1946.
  • Interim Government of India – 2 Sept 1946.
  • Mountbatten Plan – 3 June 1947.
  • Attlee’s statement – 20 Feb 1947.
  • The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is formed every year with a strength of not more than 22 members of which 15 are from Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Parliament, and 7 from Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Parliament.
  • Tulsi Gabbard Becomes First Hindu – American to be elected to US House.
  • The World Scout Foundation (WSF) was inaugurated on 14th February 1969 but reorganized in the current form in 1977.

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