Cloning is an experimental technique wherein, a group of genetically identical organisms are produced. The “Clone” is an organism derived from a single parent by asexual method. A clone may be defined as exact carbon copy or copies of a single parent. The word clone only has its meaning to living species. The knowledge of cloning gained in the field of developmental biology and genetic control over differentiation of cells and the development of multi cellular organisms.

In March 1996, it was reported by a team of embryologists led by Ian Wilmut (born: 7 July, 1944) at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland. The cloned animal was a sheep and named as Dolly.

Dolly (5 July 1996 to 14 February 2003) was a female domestic sheep, and the first mammal to be cloned from an adult somatic cell, using the process of nuclear transfer.


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