Coffee is a beverage crop. Indian coffee is known for its quality. It has more demand in the international market. UK is the major importer of Indian Coffee.

It requires warm and humid conditions for its growth. Temperature between 15° and 28°C and rainfall between 150 and 200 cm are favourable for coffee cultivation. It grows well in the slope areas. In general, coffee bushes are planted under the shade of taller plants. Arabica and Robusta are two varieties of coffee grown in India. Arabica is the better variety grown in 60% of the coffee cultivation area.

Coffee cultivation is mainly confined to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Chickmangalur district and Kodagu hills (Coorg) of Karnataka and Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu are the major areas of coffee cultivation. Wynad of North Malabar in Kerala also has many coffee estates.

Coffee production in India is dominated in the hill tracts of South Indian states, with the state of Karnataka accounting 53% followed by Kerala 28% and Tamil Nadu 11% of production of 8,200 tonnes.

The Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI) is located in Chickmagalur District of Karnataka. Dr. L.C. Coleman – founder of Coffee Research in India.



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