The Home Rule Leagues (1916)

The nationalist movement grew during the period of the First World War. B. G. Tilak was released from jail. He formed the Home Rule League in Bombay (Mumbai) in 1916. Mrs. Annie Besant also started a Home Rule League in Madras (Chennai). The two leagues carried on propaganda in favour of Home Rule or Self-Government for India, Motilal Nehru and C.R Das were two other leaders who joined the movement. Repressive measures followed. Mrs. Annie Besant was interned. Her paper “New India” was banned. Just then the famous August Declaration of Montague came in 1917, promising responsible government to the people of India by stages. Indians whole heartedly supported the British war efforts in the hope of attaining self-government after the war. Hence the Home Rule Movement was slowly withdrawn.



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  1. Same period home rule movement started in USA by Lala lajapathirai


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