Seasons in India – North East Monsoon (October to November)

North East Monsoon (October to November):

The Southwest Monsoon begins to retreat from the Northern India by second week of September because of the apparent movement of the sun towards tropic of Capricorn. The land mass of India starts losing heat and there is fall in the temperature. But the sea is still in warm condition. High pressure develops over the land and low pressure over the sea. Therefore wind blows from high pressure to low pressure that is from land to sea. It is cold dry wind and gives no rainfall to land mass. But, when it crosses the Bay of Bengal, absorbs moisture and gives heavy rain to the Coromandal coast. So Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu get good rainfall during winter. There are frequent cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal and they cause damage to life and property along the Coromandal coast.





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  1. Posted by Boominathan.R on December 17, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    Thank u very much. you are giving good valuable news. thank you very much


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