Seasons in India – South West Monsoon (June to September)

South West Monsoon (June to September):

After the summer season, rainy season starts with the onset of the south west monsoon. The high temperature gives rise to low pressure and by the end of May a large area of low pressure is formed over the North West part of the country. At the same time, the oceans become cool and a high pressure area develops over the oceans. Winds always blow from high pressure to low pressure. These winds are called the South East Monsoons.

When they cross the equator, they get deflected and blow as Southwest Monsoon. These South West Monsoon winds are moisture laden winds because it originates from Indian Ocean. When it approaches the Southern part of Kerala it rains with violent thunderstorms indicating the onset of the monsoon. The occurrence of heavy rainfall all of a sudden with violent thunder and lightning is often termed as the “monsoon burst”.

The Southwest Monsoon is normally divided into two branches because of the peninsular shape of the country. They are Arabian Sea branch and Bay of Bengal branch.


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