Seasons in India – Summer (March to May)

Summer (March to May):

The summer season starts in March and continues up to May. During this season the sun’s rays are vertical over the Tropic of Cancer. Therefore the temperature is very high in the northern parts of the India. At some places in northwest India the day temperature may be as high as 45oC to 47oC. Low pressure conditions prevail over northern part of India because of this high temperature. Strong hot winds blow during daytime over northern and northwest parts of India which is called as “Loo winds”. Contrary to this the Southern parts of India has moderate weather conditions because it lies nearer to sea. The mean maximum temperature here varies from 26oC to 30oC. High pressure develops here due to low temperature.

Because of the atmospheric pressure conditions, the winds blow from south west to north east direction in Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. They bring pre monsoon showers to the west coastal areas during May. There are a few thunder showers called “Mangoshowers” which helps in quick ripening of mangoes along the coast of Kerala and Karnataka. North Eastern part of India also experiences local storms called “Nor Westers”. These thunder storms are also called as Kalbaisakhi (Calamity of the month of Baisakh) in Punjab.


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