Julian Barnes wins prestigious Man Booker Prize‎ 2011

Julian Barnes finally won the literary prize that has eluded him on three previous occasions when he was tonight presented with the Man Booker prize for his short novel, The Sense of an Ending.


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JulianPatrick Barnes (born 19 January 1946 in Leicester, England) is a contemporary English writer. It was fourth time lucky for British writer Julian Barnes, who won literature’s Booker Prize on Tuesday after a contest that had as many insults, rivalries and bitter accusations as a paperback potboiler. Barnes, a finalist on three previous occasions who once described the contest as “posh bingo,” finally took the 50,000 pound ($82,000) prize with “The Sense of an Ending,” a memory-haunted novel about a 60-something man forced to confront buried truths about his past after the unexpected arrival of a letter. Former British spy chief-turned-thriller writer Stella Rimington, who chaired the judging panel, said the 150-page novel “spoke to humankind in the 21st century.” She said it was “almost an archetypal book of our time” that examined the unreliability of memory and how little we know ourselves. “It is exquisitely written, subtly plotted and reveals new depths with each reading,” she said. Barnes, one of Britain’s most critically acclaimed novelists, was previously nominated for “Flaubert’s Parrot” in 1984, “England,
England” in 1998 and “Arthur and George” in 2005. The 65-year-old writer conceded that “in occasional moments of mild paranoia” he had wondered if forces were working against him ever winning. “I’m as much relieved as I am delighted to receive the 2011 Booker Prize,” he said, thanking his publishers “for their wisdom and the sponsors for their check.”

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  1. Congrats to Julian Barnes for winning the Man Booker Prize for his novel The Sense of an Ending. Jolly good show, I dare say.


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