General Knowledge Question and Answers, Chemistry – Part1

  • Lindane, also known as gamma hexachlorocyclohexane, gammaxene, Gammallin and erroneously known as benzene hexachloride (BHC).
  • Dynamite was invented by Nobel.
  • Periodic table was given by Mendeleev.
  • Reduction is addition of Hydrogen.
  • Oxidation is addition of Oxygen.
  • The galvanized iron pipes are coated with Zinc.
  • Non-stick kitchenwares are coated with Teflon.
  • Gobar gas mainly contains methane.
  • The chief constituent of vinegar is Acetic acid.
  • The fibre least prone to catch fire is cotton.
  • Setting of plaster of paris involves dehydration process.
  • The chemical name for the compound having formula NaOH is Sodium Hydroxide.
  • Helium gas is filled in balloons because it is lighter than air.
  • What happens to the equivalent conductance of an electrolyte on dilution? May increase or decrease depending on the electrolyte
  • Cotton fibre is made up of cellulose.
  • Protein metabolism is carried out by Vitamin B2.
  • The first insecticide produced in India is DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane).
  • Piezo-electric effect is exhibited by quartz.
  • Isotopes have the same atomic number.
  • Lunar caustic is silver nitrate (AgNO3).
  • The colourless gas with the smell of rotten fish is PH3 (Phosphine).




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