General Knowledge (GK) Question and Answers – Botany

  • The term mutation was first used by Hugo de Vries (1901) who observed it in Oenothera lamarckiana.
  • In 1953, S. James Watson and F.H.Crickproposed a model of double helix structure of DNA molecule for which they were awarded noble prize.
  • The term gene was coined by W. Johannsen in 1909.
  • In 1933, Morgan discovered hereditary functions of chromosomes.
  • The term “CELL” was coined by Robert Hooke (1665).
  • Schleidenand Theodor Schwann propounded the cell theory in 1839.
  • Auxins were discovered by Went in 1928.
  • The growth in length of plants can be measured by an instrument called Lever or Arc Auxanometer.
  • The cytokinins are plant hormones which act primarily on cell division. It was first isolated by Miller and his coworkers in USA.
  • The discovery of gibberellins was made by a Japanese plant pathologist Kurusowa.
  • Pasteur (1860) discovered that yeast could respire in the absence of molecular oxygen.
  • Dark reaction was discovered by Melvin Calvin.
  • Mohl’s Half Leaf Experiment proves that carbon di oxide is essential for photosynthesis.


Symptoms of Mineral deficiency in plants:

Deficiency symptoms are external manifestations of the deficiency of mineral elements in plants. The deficiency can be related to absence of a particular nutrient in the soil or non availability of the nutrient to the plant due to various reasons. Some of the common deficiency symptoms observed in plants are:

  • Chlorosis – Loss of chlorophyll leading to yellowing of leaves.
  • Mottling – Appearance of patches of green and non-green areas on the leaves.
  • Wilting – Drooping of the leaves due to loss of conduction of water.
  • Necrosis – Death of tissues in certain parts.
  • Stunted growth – Plants with shortened internodes and smaller in size.





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