Important Research Centre / Institutions

  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Pusa (New Delhi)
  • Dairy Research Institute – Karnal (Haryana)
  • Botanical Survey of India – Kolkatta (West Bengal)
  • Jute Research Institute – Bairakput (West Bengal)
  • Goat Research Institute – Mathura (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Sugarcane Research Institute – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Bee Research Institute – Pune (Maharashtra)
  • National Chemical Laboratory – Pune (Maharashtra)
  • Cotton Research Institute – Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • Silk Research Institute – Mysore (Karnataka)
  • Coffee Research Institute – Chickmangalore (Karnataka)
  • Leather Research Institute – Chennai (Tamilnadu)
  • Potato Research Institute – Simla (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Tea Research Institute – Jorhat (Assam)
  • Rubber Research Institute – Kottayam (Kerala)
  • Tobacco Research Institute – Rajamundri (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Rice Research Institute – Cuttack (Orissa)
  • Poultry Training Institute – Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • National Research Institute of Spices – Calicut (Kerala)
  • Indian Dairy Corporation – Anand (Gujarat)
  • National Institute of Malaria Research – Dwarka (Delhi)
  • National Physics Laboratory – New Delhi
  • Central Food Technological Research Institute – Mysore (Karnataka)
  • Zoological Survey of India – Kolkatta (West Bengal)
  • National Atlas Organisation — Kolkatta (West Bengal)
  • Birbal Sahini Institute of Palaeobotany – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Raman Research Institute – Bangalore (Karnataka)
  • Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences – Kolkatta (West Bengal)
  • Indian Statistical Institute –– Kolkatta (West Bengal)
  • National Institute of Oceanography  — Goa
  • Indian Council of Medical Research – Delhi
  • Central Drug Research Institute – Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

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  1. Posted by hilda on April 17, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    I want the blueprint of tnpsc gr2 questions. This is last time for me to atend this gr2 because i hv the max age limit so please give the portions for gk nd gt

    thanks alot


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